#1 in Shade and Sun

Sapphire buffalo grass has all the benefits of the other high performance soft leaf buffalo grass, such as: needing less water, deep roots, greener in Winter, a good sun or shade turf and it’s hard wearing. However, Sapphire buffalo grass has the added benefit of a finer texture.

Sapphire buffalo grass does not rely on fine leaves for its fine texture, but its folding leaf. When Sapphire buffalo grass is mature, its leaf folds at tight angles along its axis, resulting in a fine texture. This is important, because fine leaf buffalo lawns usually have thatch problems, are shallow rooted, poor wearing and are slow growing. A Sapphire buffalo lawn does not suffer from these problems.

Not only is a Sapphire buffalo lawn hard wearing, due to its quick recovery from wear damage, but it is also shade tolerant like all other good varieties of buffalo grass. It is an easy grass to grow. What makes a Sapphire buffalo lawn different to other buffalo lawn varieties is its fine texture. Until now, fine textured buffalo lawns have been slow growing, and shallow rooted, but a Sapphire buffalo lawn is different. We believe it is the only fine textured, quick recovering buffalo grass in the world. And a Sapphire buffalo lawn also has excellent disease tolerance, and a great winter colour.

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass has a super fine texture. So if you want a buffalo lawn, but dont like a coarse looking leaf, then a Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn is for you. Other great performing buffalo lawns have a much coarser looking texture compared to Sapphire Soft leaf Buffalo Grass.

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass has excellent winter colour in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide (provided it is fertilised in April). It will go dormant in colder areas like Canberra, but it will hold its winter colour longer than most varieties.


Winter Colour: Excellent Winter colour in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne (Provided it is fertilised in April). It will go dormant in colder areas such as Canberra, but it will hold its Winter colour better in Winter.

Hot Weather Tolerance: Excellent/Thrives in hot humid and desert areas.

Cold Tolerance: Tested down to minus 10 ºC in Canberra.

Shade Tolerance: Best Buffalo in shade. Good for 0-60% shade. Often works in 70%, but with reduced quality. Click here to see the research.

Wear Resistance: Excellent, with very fast recovery.

Salt Tolerance: Department of Primary Industries (DPI) research showed it was better than most varieties.

Mowing Height: 35mm – 45mm in full sun, and 50mm to 60mm in the shade. Less mowing than Couch and Kikuyu, similar to most other Buffalo types.

Recovery From Injury: Excellent, as it has fast growing stolons.

Use: Residential and commercial lawns, parks etc.

Root Structure: Deep rooted.

Drought Tolerance: Excellent once established, due to its deep root system.

Texture: Fine compared to other good buffalo grass varieties. Soft to touch.

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